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Ami Cole cosmetics' makes quality makeup for melanin-rich skin more inclusive and accessible

Ami Colé's No-Makeup-Makeup For Melanin-Rich Skin Is Finally Here

The Most Exciting New Makeup Products Launching in May

I Have Literally Been Waiting Years for Ami Colé to Launch

Ami Colé Makes Clean Beauty Products for Melanin-Rich Skin—I Tried the Entire Line

Ami Colé Is the New Beauty Brand Celebrating Melanin-Rich Skin

Ami Colé Is Making No-Makeup Makeup For Melanin-Rich Skin

Ami Colé Is the No-Makeup Makeup Brand Putting Melanin-Rich Skin First

Ami Cole cosmetics' makes quality makeup for melanin-rich skin more inclusive and accessible

Ami Colé Is The New Barely-There Beauty Brand For Melanin-Rich Skin, Made By A Glossier Alum

Ami Colé Is The Barely-There, Clean Makeup Brand Set To Take Over The Beauty Industry

This New Beauty Brand Specializes In Clean Products For BIPOC

Ami Colé's Range is Designed with Darker Skin Tones in Mind

Ami Colé Creates No-Makeup Makeup for Melanin-Rich Skin

Ami Colé Is The Minimal Makeup Brand Celebrating Melanin-Rich Skin

This New Makeup Launch Feels As Good As Gossip

Powered By $1M In Funding, Senegalese-Inspired Clean Beauty Brand Ami Colé Celebrates Melanin-Rich Skin

Ep 173 - Meet the Glossier Alum Bringing Skin-First-Cosmetics to Melanin-Rich Complexions, Ami Colé Founder Diarrha N’Diaye

In Conversation with Diarrha N’Diaye, Founder of Ami Colé: Clean Makeup for Women of Color

The 20 Best New Beauty Products for Your Summer Glow-Up

10 Black-Owned Brands That Are Heating Up The Summer

Editors' Picks: The Beauty and Wellness Products That Got Us Through May

14 Skin-Enhancing Tinted Moisturizers For Foolproof Makeup Routine

5 newly-launched beauty brands to know

The 27 Best Beauty Products Fashionista Editors Discovered In May

Serum Foundations Are The Ultimate Skin Care-Makeup Hybrid

How Ami Colé Founder Diarrha N’Diaye-Mbaye Became Closer to Herself by Embracing Her Hair

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